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I just liked a page called “I am from #Jerusalem” on #Facebook a few days ago. I cannot begin to tell you how DISTURBING I find this page. Basically the #Palestinians put videos they have taken in Jerusalem, #Israel I assume and post it online.
There are videos of #Arabs screaming at #Israeli officers. To the point that the officers really want to do something but try to constrain themselves.
Today I saw a video of Arabs following Jewish families with children screaming at them to the point one little girl started crying she was so scared.
Is this how #Muslims solve things? By yelling and acting like animals in the streets and scaring young children.
The worst part was a lot of these participants were women. I understand some may feel this is “resistance” but small children come on… they are mothers too.
Are Jewish children not human also?

muslim-101 asked:

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته are u really a jewish muslim or it's just profile u copied and paste it in ur tumblr sorry if i bored of my question

That’s insulting that you would even ask me are you Jewish? Are you Muslim? Why would I make something up? I have better things to do than to answer your antisemitic questions. I don’t know if you have a hard time believing that a Muslim could have a Jewish background. Or that a Jew could become a Muslim. Smh

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