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As I walk down my street I see the Orthodox #Jewish kids smoking on the sides of the streets hanging out at all hours of the night. They dress in “Western clothes” and someone once told me “everyone does drugs here.”
As I stood in the store I heard the #Muslim man flirting with the young Spanish girl that walked in. “Do you want it from my house?” he says. She smiles and giggles.
I sigh and think to myself something that I often hear others say, “but they are people of God.”
Some people when they see Jews and Muslims still expect certain behaviors but we often see just the opposite. And it leaves the non religious and the religious both walking away confused and saying, “Did I really see that?”
But I suppose here in the West everything goes and the “#religious” just figure people “back home” won’t find out so who cares. Like a Muslim man once said to me, “In the mosque I am Muslim, in America I am free.” 

"Salam, Are you #Muslim?"
“Ahamdulillah. “
” Is it Halal? “
” That’s why I am eating it, “he said as he shoved another bite in his mouth.
” Where are you from brother? “
” Pakistan. “
” Mashallah. “

My favorite conversation of the day. Always buy from someone who is eating their own cooking. :)

It has nothing to do with Islam really. They just happen to be “Muslim”. When someone feels they have no future they do things that lead to no future. Basically it’s the principle of it’s all about your attitude.
When young men who are unemployed, frustrated and rebellious get together and say to themselves I want to get control back because I have none, I want to rule the world you get groups like #ISIS. Led by elders who know how stupid, lost and desperate these youths are. These older leaders connive to make these youth do anything they desire. And the youth.. what do they care. They have no future and no hope so blowing themselves up “for a good cause” sounds good to them. It sounds ridiculous but think about the present frustration of today’s youth. If you have ever been around teenagers you can see the boiling point some of them are at and often this goes to adulthood. It’s no wonder they get caught up into crazy movements.
My belief is if we had someone as conniving as Hitler today we would have young adults following him just like they follow Al Qaeda.
Young adults get into drugs, gangs and everything else. This is just another thing on the list. It’s not about religion guiding them it’s about them being lost.

Ok so this #Muslim guy says, “You think of every relationship like yours. He cheated on you.” I stood there and thought to myself so is what this guy doing any better because he is putting it under the veil of Islam and marrying and divorcing and marrying and divorcing. Same #promiscuous behavior as my ex except he’s got a bunch of women playing along with it and he is justifying it to himself.
Personally I think they are both dogs. Just a different means to get to the same end. Aren’t we being judged by our intentions? So Allah knows what is inside all these men and why they do what they do. So all this I am a good #Muslim, this is allowed and it is Sunnah may convince some but when we think about it what does Allah think of these men having so many partners? Isn’t modesty and chasity valued in Islam? So if a Muslim man can call himself a Muslim but say as a Muslim he lays down with all these women what does it say about him as a Muslim?
At one point the man tried to tell me Muhammed (SAW) had 11 wives (actually he had 13). But we must remember why he married those women. It wasn’t because he wanted sex or variety.

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